A Notion Experiment

We’ve got Covid! It’s the first time I’ve tested positive and it’s knocked me off my feet for a few days. Too much fun and chocolate over Easter gave my immune system a battering.

On that note, I thought I’d spend this new-found free time to get back into Notion and see what fun things we could do. I ended up creating an “opening hours checker” inside Notion.

Here’s a general scenario:

Client calls your business number → your phone rings even though it’s 11 pm → You get woken up, answer the call and in your grogginess, agree to have all the work completed by tomorrow 😲

Solution? Set your business opening hours in Notion! The new scenario:

Client calls → The logic checks your opening hours table in Notion → The call automatically tells the client it’s 11 pm and to please go away (or asks them to leave a message, etc.)

Once you realise a Notion database can be used just like a “real” database (ok, nowhere as fast or reliable), a whole world of usefulness opens up.

Want to see how I made the opening hours checker? Watch the video 👇

I’ve got a few more days of isolation still. What should I try to build in Notion next?

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