Are you still taking quick calls?

Are you still taking quick calls?

Productivity Tools

Let's start with the "productivity" tools. There are so many out there now. After years of jumping between different ones, I've focused on 1. No, 2. Actually, 3…

Each one serves a slightly different purpose.

  • Obsidian is my second brain and journal. Offline, private, flexible
  • Notion is for pages I need to share with someone else that looks pretty. Like guitar teaching
  • ClickUp is for tasks and client work. Structured and great automation features built in.

I'm using ClickUp to draft my newsletter. Check out the snapshots here:

Productivity Tip

It's a short one today. Stop taking quick calls on Slack or Teams. If someone says "do you have time for a quick call?", ask them what they want a call about so that you can prepare.

9 times out of 10 you'll be able to answer their question without the need for a call.

That's Interesting…

"Hey, you. Feeling a little tense? Take a long, restful stroll down a thread of starship corridors."

That's the tweet that caught my eye. I'm not a Star Trek fan but there's something peaceful and strangely beautiful about this thread of empty starship corridors.

See the full thread here

What productivity app(s) are you using right now? Let me know on Twitter or reach out to me via email at [email protected]

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