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Double Your Client Capacity with ClickUp

I build tailored ClickUp and automation solutions for your business so you can reclaim time and focus on what’s important.

Struggling To Keep Your Team Aligned on Tasks and Projects?

Even the best teams can falter without the right system.

Missed deadlines, confused priorities, and siloed departments are just the tip of the iceberg.

ClickUp will give you a seamless, unified workspace.

Guaranteed to streamline your workflows, foster transparency across your team, and drive project completion like clockwork.

If you don’t see an improvement in project execution within the first 30 days, I’ll work with you to make it right at no extra cost.

Trusted by Leading Teams

Sam from Bee Inspired Coaching doubled the number of clients she was able to serve just by using ClickUp.

She replaced:

  • Google Forms with a ClickUp intake form
  • Excel with ClickUp lists
  • Manual welcome emails with automated emails from inside ClickUp


Now, Sam and her team can scale, knowing that ClickUp and the system I built for them will grow with them.

How It Works - My Process In 3 Phases​

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

We start by understanding your current workflows to pinpoint gaps and inefficiencies.

Next, we design and deploy a ClickUp workspace tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Finally, I train your team in ClickUp, with regular follow-ups to refine your setup.

Welcome to the ClickUp Catalyst System

Think of this as your business’s new best friend. We’re not just handing over a new project management tool; we’re revolutionising your workday.

Custom Workspaces That Grow With You
I make tailor-made ClickUp setups that evolve with your business.

Training That Empowers
My training transforms your crew into productivity heroes, ready to tackle anything.

Always Improving
Your new ClickUp space keeps pace with your business ambitions.

All Your Tools, Perfectly in Sync
ClickUp doesn’t just fit into your tech stack; it also makes everything else work smoother.

With the ClickUp Catalyst System, you’re not just working smarter; you’re making every day more enjoyable. Ready to lighten your workload and boost your business?

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Your Next Steps

Let’s quantify what efficiency means for you.

Imagine the impact of doubling client capacity, just as I’ve done for others.

What does that look like for your revenue? Your team’s well-being? Your peace of mind?

Every day without ClickUp could mean up to 20% of your work hours lost to inefficiency—a cost you can reclaim.

Book your discovery call below to transform those lost hours into profit and propel your business towards a future where the potential is not just met but exceeded.

From £1,500

Limited availability: I dedicate my full attention to a select number of clients each month to guarantee the transformative outcomes you deserve.

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ClickUp coaching involves personalised training sessions designed to help you and your team effectively utilise ClickUp for project management and productivity. This includes setting up your workspace, creating efficient workflows, and teaching best practices to ensure you get the most out of ClickUp.

A custom ClickUp build is tailored specifically to your business needs. Unlike a standard setup, which uses generic templates and configurations, a custom build considers your company’s unique workflows, team structures, and project requirements, providing a setup that is optimised for your specific way of working.

Yes, ClickUp can be integrated with a wide range of tools and software that your business may already be using. During our consultation, we will identify which tools you are using and create a seamless integration within ClickUp to ensure a cohesive and efficient workflow.

A ClickUp audit involves a thorough review of your existing ClickUp setup to identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and ensure you are leveraging all relevant features effectively. Audits should be conducted periodically, especially when there are major updates to ClickUp, changes in your business processes, or when new teams are onboarded.

Results can often be seen immediately after the initial setup and training sessions. However, the full impact of the changes will typically become more evident within a few weeks of consistent use, as your team becomes more proficient with ClickUp and fully adopts the new workflows and practices.

After the initial setup and training, I offer ongoing support to address any subsequent questions or challenges that arise. This can include additional training sessions, periodic audits, or ad hoc support to ensure that your team continues to use ClickUp effectively as your business grows and evolves.