How To Overcome Productivity Killers

How To Overcome Productivity Killers

These 5 things will kill your productivity ⚠️ Make sure to spot them so that you can avoid them in the future.

Self-doubt 🤨

Don’t spend time worrying if you can or can’t do something. Just do it.

Difficult and challenging tasks are how you grow as a person.

Perfectionism 👌🏻

You’re scared of rejection so you try and make something perfect.

And because it’s not perfect, you’ll spend too long on it and maybe never release it!

Saying yes 👍

Say no instead. Even to your boss!

You’ll set expectations and do better and more focused work.

Procrastination ⌚️

Is it wise to cram the work in on Sunday night? Is it really the best idea to watch another alien conspiracy episode before you start the work?

Notice the story you’re telling yourself. Then get to work and treat yourself afterwards.

Finally… hold yourself accountable 👀

Respect yourself enough to look after your future self. Do the work and future you will be thankful.

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