ClickUp Consultant


Streamline your client projects with ClickUp.

Build your own CRM and project management template

ClickUp Client Engine is a free, 4-day email course for entrepreneurs and business owners to build a client and project management system in ClickUp.

What You'll Learn

Day 1 – Build Your CRM

You’ll create a list in ClickUp to track your leads, contacts, and clients.

Day 2 – Track Your Meetings

Keep track of all your client meetings. When all your notes are in ClickUp and linked to your CRM, life becomes much easier.

Day 3 – Setup A Client Project Template

This is where the fun begins. We’ll build a template together and set up all the tasks you’ll need for new client projects.

Day 4 – Design The Client Portal

The final step is to design a beautiful and valuable client portal.

Behind this course

My name is Will (@productive_will). I work with clients in ClickUp every day and have learned a lot about the best practices.

This course is here to guide you through setting up ClickUp so that you can work with your own clients and make projects run smoothly.