This Is A Website

The internet is amazing. Everyone has their own website or place on the web. But a lot of the web is bloated and slow.

I’ve recently got obsessed with websites that go against the trend of flashiness and cool CSS tricks. Here are some of my favourites.

This is a website. As simple and functional as it gets. by @sivers

This site matches his philosophy and personality perfectly. Only essential code. Only essential words. Brilliant content. by @JenniferDewalt.

180 websites in 180 days! by @mfts0.

1 page. That’s all that’s needed. by @jgthms

This is a really clever website. It illustrates web design in a step-by-step process, showing only the information you need. by @mijustin.

“At its heart, web design should be about words.” Justin uses a single page to get his message across.

Want to make your own simple HTML site in seconds? You can use

Found any other examples? Let me know on Twitter.

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