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What’s In ClickUp 2.3?

ClickUp 3.0 is due to release very soon! Will you be attending their "LevelUp" event in February? You can find out more about it here: LevelUp by ClickUp™

While we all eagerly await version 3.0, we have version 2.3 released this week with some neat upgrades.

These include:

  • Filters in the automation manager
  • More intuitive dashboards
  • Speed and performance improvements
  • UX enhancements
  • New templates
  • Bug fixes

Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

Automation Manager Filters

Automations are one of the reasons I moved my project and task management away from Notion and over to ClickUp. They save me a lot of admin time each week, especially with tasks like household chores.

So it’s great to see them getting a little upgrade here. Now, you can filter your automations by:

  • Triggers
  • Conditions
  • Actions
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Updated

More Intuitive Dashboards

Dashboards are something that don’t get enough love in my ClickUp workspace. They’ve always been a little buggy with their refresh times. And I find them clunky to use when you have multiple boxes that can be scrolled in.

Saying all that, they’ve now got a new UI, a new widget toolbar, and reliability upgrades. I played around with them before writing this post.

Widgets feel smoother to resize but the refresh bug I submitted a while back still seems to be around. The UI is pleasant but still feels a little awkward when you’re in dark mode.

Speed and Performance Improvements

Speed has never been a word associated with ClickUp. I saw a meme on Reddit that gave Cmd + R as the most used keyboard shortcut in ClickUp. Those custom fields do not like to update sometimes.

I’ve just moved from a beefy Windows gaming PC over to a MacBook Pro as my main PC. The first thing I did was install the ClickUp app for Mac. As someone who is used to using the web page in Brave on Windows, there was a noticeable speed performance using the Mac app. Is that because of version 2.3 or because I’m on a new computer? I’m not sure. But it’s faster than it used to be!

Activity view is something that used to take forever to load. And I mean forever because sometimes it just wouldn’t load at all. That’s now been “drastically” improved.

UX Enhancements

ClickUp release UX enhancement every single week! They say they’re “on a mission to build the most loved productivity platform on earth”.

In version 2.3 they’ve done a couple of small changes. One of those is adding a Date done field as a standard field.

Another is renaming Box View. It’s now called Team View! I never understood why it was called box view. It’s a handy view and tool to use. Hopefully this makes more people aware of it.

New Templates

Templates. I love them! I make them all the time. I even have a free one available here: Holiday Request ClickUp Template

ClickUp comes with lots of templates built in too. The new ones they’ve added include:

Bug Fixes

Of course there a bug fixes included. Here’s a rundown of all the bugs they’ve fixed with this release: ClickUp


I enjoy how transparent ClickUp are with their updates. And I can't wait for the release of 3.0! What are you most looking forward to in the next version of ClickUp?