ClickUp Consultant


Imagine having a band where every member plays from a different sheet of music. The result can be best described as a cacophony. My dad would probably think it’s jazz.

Last week, I went to an Emma Stevens gig, and she invited my guitarist friend to play on stage.

He asked the bass player what key they were in and was told E flat. Due to the lack of in-ear monitors, it took him nearly a whole verse to realise he was playing a semitone out.

When everyone is playing a different tune, it creates dissonance. And that’s exactly how it feels when a business operates without a Single Source of Truth (SSOT).

So, what’s a Single Source of Truth?

An SSOT means that everyone in your business knows precisely where to go to get the information they need. There’s no confusion and no time wasted on endless searches.

All of this is to centralise your operations under one umbrella.

In my case, that means using ClickUp for everything to do with business.

For any meetings, tasks, and notes, I store all of the details inside ClickUp.

Even when I’m working on the day job with teams who prefer another tool like Asana, I have an automation setup that pushes all tasks from Asana into ClickUp.

It serves as my SSOT for tasks, ensuring I never miss anything. Now we’re working smart, not hard!

Wondering What’s ClickUp Brain?

ClickUp Brain, a new AI feature, goes a step further by searching your entire workspace for information.

Instead of meticulously tagging and organising your notes, this built-in AI will fetch all the information you need.

Imagine housing your entire business wiki inside ClickUp

  • Your SOPs
  • Wikis
  • Meeting notes
  • Call logs

Basically, everything you’ve ever documented.

You could use the ClickUp Brain feature to search for information about setting up a new server or updating the website. It scans your workspace and finds the related article you wrote six months ago. Voila, there it is!

Real-World Scenario

Let me share an example from my day job. I build telephone services for local government.

I was asked about changes I’d made to a client’s telephone service. All I needed was a quick chat with ClickUp Brain, “What changes did I make for this client about a year ago?” It searched and pulled up the ticket I needed just like that.

That would have taken me ages to search for previously!

As a busy parent and professional, every minute is critical, and finding information instantly is key to how I work now.

With tools like ClickUp, you not only create a single hub of information but also add faster and smarter search capabilities with AI.

So if your business is grappling with disorganised information, it’s time to build a harmonious symphony of productivity.

Once you’ve experienced having an SSOT hub, you won’t look back.