Consolidate, Organise, and Conquer

I’ve been dreaming of an app that could neatly bundle up the chaos of my professional and personal life into a tidy, user-friendly package.

And now I’ve found it!

(If this doesn’t sound like you, feel free to skip this email)

Tired of Digital Chaos?

Our digital world is like trying to keep up with a three-year-old, hopping between ClickUp accounts, Notion, Slack, and Gmail.

And then you add actually trying to keep up with a three-year-old on top of that. It can feel like everything’s slipping through the cracks.

Do you know that exponential graph everyone shares of success where nothing happens, and it all happens at once?

Well, it works the other way around, too. If you let things slip, everything will seem fine for a while. Until it’s not, and then it gets worse exponentially.

This is where Akiflow comes in.

Think of Akiflow as the older, more organised sibling of Todoist with a natural flair for scheduling.

It’s like your digital PA, keeping all your platforms in sync.

I’ve imported and synced all of these 👇:

  • Personal ClickUp account tasks
  • 9-5 ClickUp account tasks
  • Saved Slack messages
  • Outlook calendar
  • Google calendars
  • Tagged Gmail emails

And it works as a standalone task manager, enabling you to create and check off Akiflow tasks.

Now, I can open my laptop or phone and see everything I need to do for the day in one place.

CleanShot 2024-01-28 at 09.51.04@2x.jpg

Transform Your Days

What changed the game for me was discovering Akiflow’s time-blocking and daily rituals.

Time-blocking is simple; assign each task a date, time, and duration. You can drag any of your tasks directly into your calendar.

But the real gem? Daily rituals.

The startup ritual sets your day up for success, showing you everything you’ve got coming up today and letting you rearrange and postpone things if needed.

And then there’s the shutdown ritual, which is my favourite. It’s like a mini-debrief at the end of your day, prepping you for tomorrow.

The Shutdown Ritual

This ritual isn’t just for tasks. Bringing it into the real world can work wonders. From laying out tomorrow’s clothes to prepping lunches, these small steps make a massive difference to how the next day goes.

Today’s Main Goals

Another thing Akiflow helps with is daily goes. It lets you zero in on one or two critical tasks each day.

This means you can focus on what moves the needle and avoid getting bogged down in the to-do list swamp.

Like today, my goal is to write and publish this newsletter.

If you only check off one item that day, ensure it’s your goal.

Would I Recommend Akiflow?

If you’re working across multiple apps and feeling overwhelmed about everything, then definitely.

But if you use Notion solo and have all your tasks in there, it’s probably not for you, especially now that Notion has released Notion Calendar!

To Sum Up

Akiflow’s more than just another task manager app – it’s a holistic get sh*t done app. It’s about working smarter, not harder, and keeping our busy lives on track.

As always, here’s to being productive and true to ourselves.

Ready to give Akiflow a try? Use my link and get $10 in credit: Sign up.

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