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My daughter turned three at the weekend!

It’s wild that I’ve been a parent for three years already. Every day, there’s a new challenge.

Raising a Three-year-old and Building My Business

I look at my daughter and I see how she absorbs absolutely everything.

She mimics phrases I say and copies my good and bad habits. Say something enough times, and it’ll become part of her lexicon.

The other night, she said (in my exact and slightly annoyed voice), “Go and get your laptop then.”

Reflecting on her growth and way too grown-up sentences, I realise how it’s similar to growing a business.

Those small, everyday actions and habits might seem insignificant. But, they compound over time, snowballing into something much more significant.

This feels all the more relevant as we kick off 2024.

I’m focusing on just the actions that move the needle for my business and ignoring everything else.

Get Outta Here, Comparison Culture

With my daughter’s third birthday, I fell into the comparison trap – that feeling that you should be doing way more just because everyone else is.

Family came around, and she had presents, balloons, party hats, and loads of fun!

Some of me still felt like I wasn’t doing enough for her.

Why? Because of comparison, that damn thief of joy!

I’ve been to other third-birthday parties, which were much bigger and more exciting.

It’s like seeing people on 𝕏 talking about how they’ve just hired ten people and only work 2 hours a day and make 100k a month. I always think, “Oh, I should be doing that too.”

You don’t need to compare yourself to them or be where they are.

You’re not them.

You know what tasks you should do today to get you where you want to be.

Stay True to You

So, what’s this email all about? Business or parenting?


It’s about ignoring the noise and staying true to your vision, goals, and values.

Take this time at the start of the year to decide where you’d like to be in 6 months.

How do you want to spend your time? Do you want to work more or less?

Write it down after you finish reading this email!

Remember, you don’t need to keep up with anyone. You only need to keep up with yourself.

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