My Favourite Obsidian Themes

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Obsidian is my go-to app for drafting blog posts and long form content.

Being a native markdown app on the iPad, it’s super fast to write in. And it syncs with Windows!

Did I mention themes? These are some of my favourites 🧵

Red Graphite.

Based on Bear app’s red graphite theme. It’s minimal and subdued in tones.

Big Sur Aesthetic.

Another minimalist theme and one of my favourites. It’s based on macOS Big Sur's interface.


This is what I’m using right now. I enjoy the small font size (I know I could change it on the other themes) and the fact the sidebar is hidden away.

Can you tell I like a minimalist theme

80s Neon. OK, this one is anything but minimal. Just look at it! Neon colours everywhere. If you don’t mind working in a crazy writing environment, this one’s for you.

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