The Best Podcasting App on iOS

What iOS podcast app is everyone using? I am a longtime user of Pocket Casts and love the voice boost feature. The main thing it is missing is podcast searching. If I search for Cal Newport, I want to see all episodes he has been on across different podcasts, not just his podcast

So I’ve tried switching to Apple Podcasts. I like the interface. But how, in 2022, does my iPhone not sync with my iPad!? It’s subscribed to all the right episodes but my iPad has no idea what episodes have been played

I’m going back to PocketCasts. Solid app and I’ve been using it for years. But, I’ll use it in conjunction with this website Looks like I’ll be able to search across episodes and create my own RSS playlist.

How cool is this? All my searching needs sorted and I still get to use @pocketcasts

@pocketcasts I understand this is quite niche and nerdy but someone on here might find it useful 🙂

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