ClickUp Consultant


Are you struggling to scale your startup or business effectively using ClickUp?

You’re not alone.

Many face challenges when setting up processes and implementing best practices for this powerful tool.

That’s where my consulting calls come in.

However, I recently discovered that even the most prepared consultant can face unforeseen obstacles.

The Night Wi-Fi Failed Me

It’s the eve of Bonfire Night, the street is lit up with exploding fireworks, the dog is going crazy, and my daughter is unwell and restless upstairs.

I had a consulting call scheduled.

With just five minutes to spare, the universe threw a curveball – the entire house lost its internet connection!

After a mini panic, I immediately thought: “I could reschedule the call, but that’s not how I roll.”

So, in a scene that could’ve been lifted from a dull comedy film, I found myself huddled under a streetlamp on a chilly November night, without a coat, headphones, or keys, trying to find a 5G signal.

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Preparation: Your Strongest Ally

It was the prep work that turned this potential disaster into a success.

The client had sent a detailed Loom video walking me through their ClickUp workspace.

Based on that video, I had a 900-word doc saved with all my notes.

This allowed me to address each issue systematically during our call and provide actionable solutions despite the less-than-ideal circumstances.

Lesson #1: Prepare the shit out of your work.
This will let you keep cool in difficult situations but also overdeliver on the value you can offer.

Lesson #2: Have a backup plan when unpredictable situations strike.
Offering a bonus follow-up call or additional support can turn a challenging situation into an opportunity to build trust.

Streamlining Coaching Success with ClickUp

It’s not all streetlamp meetings and frantic solutions.

If you’re a coach, having a structured approach, especially with tools like ClickUp, can make your consulting journey smoother.

Templates for lists, tasks, and spaces can shave hours off your workload.

This goes for business owners, too. Being able to load up a template every time you get a new client is a great feeling.

The key here, no matter your business, is to streamline efficiently.

Wrapping Up…

But the trick is to:

  • Be super prepared
  • Have a backup plan
  • And always aim to deliver exceptional value

With the right tools, we can navigate through the most challenging curveballs.

It’s all about turning challenges into opportunities to shine.

P.S. Need a helping hand with ClickUp? Book a free 15-minute call.

I’m also offering a 7-day bespoke ClickUp programme with daily 1:1 video calls. One spot available. Let me know if you’re interested.

Until next time, let’s keep those curveballs at bay and our productivity game strong!