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This morning was a mess

It started like any other typical day. A late start, fussy toddler, the dog barking the house down, and my daily stand-up meeting going on in the background. And just when you think you’re on top of it all and about to leave the house to go to nursery, the dog knocks a full glass […]

Finally, a beautiful calendar app for Windows

(and every other platform!) If you’ve been subscribed to this newsletter for a while, you’ve probably seen me talk about calendar apps. You’re spoilt for choice with calendar apps on the Mac and iPhone. But what about Windows? Maybe even Linux if you’re extra nerdy? There are apps out there but they’re always ugly and […]

Getting Departments Working Together with ClickUp

Two weeks ago, I set up a new, recurring meeting at my day job. It’s a bi-monthly meeting between the Engineering and Customer Success departments. Anyone who knows me will know I hate pointless meetings. I’m fully ready for you to reply to this and tell me why meetings are the downfall of productivity! And […]

Why Your Business Needs a Single Source of Truth

Imagine having a band where every member plays from a different sheet of music. The result can be best described as a cacophony. My dad would probably think it’s jazz. Last week, I went to an Emma Stevens gig, and she invited my guitarist friend to play on stage. He asked the bass player what […]